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Create and manage your profile from a single place, telling the web who you are and where people can find you. Skip filling out profile pages forever.

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Each Gravatar profile is connected to an email address. When you use this email around the web, your entire profile comes with you.

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Millions of websites like WordPress, Slack, and OpenAI use your Gravatar profile automatically, saving you time and improving your experience.

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Take control over the data that you share with the tools you use. You decide what is in your profile and how public or private it is.

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Gravatar helps developers create personal signup flows and tailored user journeys — in a privacy forward way. Gravatar can be integrated with your app in mere minutes.

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Gravatar, a service by Automattic, has powered avatars and profiles since 2004. We are passionate about open-source and making the web a more accessible place. We are the driving force behind, Tumblr, Woo, Jetpack, Day One, Pocket Casts, and more.