Your Gravatar profile

Your Gravatar profile includes your Gravatar image and name, as well as other profile details you may choose to include. You can edit your profile from the My Profile option.

Your profile appears on the Gravatar website:

It can also appear on Gravatar hovercards — a mini profile that appears when a user hovers over a Gravatar image:

All profile information is public.

Editing your profile

Your profile is split into different sections, each of which can be accessed from the profile editor sidebar.

Clicking a section opens it up for editing, and you can switch back to the sidebar at any time. A preview of your profile is shown next to the sidebar.

The following data can be set on your profile:

  • About – basic information about you
  • Avatars – an image to represent you
  • Verified accounts – where you can be found on external services. For example Facebook
  • Contact info – how to get in touch with you
  • Links – links to sites that are meaningful to you
  • Wallet – share details of how people can send payments to you
  • Photos – gallery images to appear on your profile

You can also customise how your profile is viewed:

  • Design – change the background and colour of your profile page
  • Privacy & security – control access to your profile

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